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Thursday October 4, 2007 at 9:41am Age: 11 yrs
Category: District


Thanks to the efforts of Jacob Anderson, Colin Cusack, Griffin Deutsch, Nathan Lake, Andrew Hossann, and Joey Sessa, (pictured here) students in the elementary and intermediate schools now enjoy strawberry milk.  While reading a “Time for Kids” article last year, these students learned that other schools offered strawberry milk as a choice for lunch drinks.  By embracing a proactive attitude and asking for a little help, this group of boys  made strawberry milk a menu option for Minisink kids.


These students spent their recess time conducting research that would support their view.  They found that there were relatively few nutritional differences between strawberry and chocolate milk.  In addition, they spoke with students who thought they would prefer strawberry milk to juice, therefore making healthier food choices.  This research, in addition to a petition, was presented to the Menu Advisory Board where strawberry milk was approved.


Kudos to this group of Minisink students!  Their positive approach to effect change will long be enjoyed by students in the intermediate and elementary schools.