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Tuesday October 23, 2007 at 8:21am Age: 11 yrs
Category: District


Governor Spitzer has declared October 22-October 26, 2007 School Board Recognition week.  We thank our school board members for their dedicated service to the children of our community.  These nine volunteers have been elected by you, the community, to represent them and set the direction for the education of our young people.  Businessman Lee Iacocca has said, “…Passing civilization along, from one generation to the next, is the highest honor and highest responsibility anyone can have.”  Thank you to these nine men and women, and the others who have gone before them, for accepting this important responsibility.


Pictured here are (back) Paul Rickard, Bob Prokopchak, John M. Lenane, Shawn O'Connor, Vic Vignola, (sitting) Vice-president Gina Richichi. Michelle McDonald, President Ethel Crow, and Joan Romanyschyn.