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Tuesday May 23, 2017 at 1:57pm Age: 2 yrs
Category: Intermediate, District


If your fourth grader recently came home with tips for saving water around the house and yard, or wanting to tell you a water-cycle story, that’s a lesson learned.

During the week of May 15-19, MVIS fourth grade students enjoyed three learning periods with a water conservation educator from the Orange County Water Authority. 

Through visual and thought-provoking presentations, group problem-solving, hands-on activities and games, students gained new understanding of this most critical resource to the planet and our daily lives. The learning involved and complemented multi-disciplinary components of the school curriculum.

Our students were particularly interested in a clear-glass, water-table model. A blue dye is poured into the model to demonstrate how water travels and permeates through layers of clay and sand beneath the topsoil to form wells.

Students also learned about the natural water cycle, and the “people water cycle” – the processes and technology involved in delivering clean water to our homes and businesses, before it’s returned to the environment.

Also popular was a water-cycle game that called on students to imagine themselves as a water drop. With the roll of a dice, the “water drops” learned were to travel next: from clouds, to oceans; from plants to animals, etc. At each stop, students collected color-coded beads and weaved a bracelet that told a water-cycle story. They later wrote and illustrated their stories, following the order of the beads.

You’d never guess the drama in the life of a tiny water drop, so make sure to view some of the shared story samples.