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Thursday November 9, 2017 at 7:07pm Age: 1 year
Category: High School, District


MVHS students in Cayla Tangney and Patty Hoban-Rich's art classes recently traveled to the Jacob Burns Film Center in Westchester County for the screening of “Loving Vincent.”

In the making for seven years, “the world’s first fully-painted feature film” explores the mysteries surrounding the life and death of Vincent van Gogh through the animation of van Gogh-style, oil paintings by over 100 artists. 

“We chose this film because it has been a long-awaited release in the art world, and we wanted to share it with as many art students as we could,’ said Cayla Tangney.   

The day trip started with breakfast and a walk in Rockland’s village of Nyack, known for its shops and art galleries.

Student reflections…

"I enjoyed seeing all of the different artists' styles in the movie. The animation and painting process was new to me, and it inspired me. It was very beautifully put together and it left me thinking about what truly caused Vincent van Gogh's death. I've never felt so intrigued to learn about a famous artist, especially the mystery behind his death." ─ Christa Ferguson

"‘Loving Vincent’" was just as amazing as I had expected in terms of animation. More than anything, I loved seeing his paintings come to life in front of my eyes. I also enjoyed going out into a town and experiencing all the different shops and food. I love the feeling of being in a city without all the rush. It was truly a day I'll never forget." ─ Noelle Lewis

"The movie was very unique in its animation, and I'd never seen anything like it. The subject matter of the movie was also very interesting, very sad too. I'd be lying if I said I didn't cry. I also liked going around independently through the town and being given the trust to do so.” ─ Hannah Braun 

"The artistic movie style of ‘Loving Vincent’ was wonderful and it moved me in more ways than one. The scenery of the small town of Nyack was beautiful that day." ─ Steph Gomez

"I felt like I was consumed in the movie the entire time and there was never a moment that I was bored." ─ Sam Lucchi

"During this trip I had a really amazing time. I enjoyed walking around the town of Nyack and going to all the little shops. But my favorite part of the trip was definitely seeing, ‘Loving Vincent.’ I loved seeing all the paintings put together into a movie. I've never seen anything like it. It was very unique and beautiful, and I can't believe it took seven years to make. I never really knew much about Vincent van Gogh, so I loved learning about his life, but also his death. It was really nice to experience the movie with people who also have a passion for art like I do." ─ Missy Faughnan

"The movie was not at all what I expected, but I ended up loving it and I'd definitely watch it again. The art style itself moved me, and I couldn't look away from the screen for the whole movie. The trip was fun, exciting, and if I could, I would do it all over again. Being able to walk around town with my friends was a good way to relax and have fun. The streets were beautiful and the food was delicious." ─Daniella Cargen

"The trip to see ‘Loving Vincent’ was a great experience. It truly gave you an appreciation for the art within it. How every frame was hand-painted is impressive enough. There were over one hundred artists working on the project, yet it flowed seamlessly. It was impressive how every little brushstroke was so articulate. The trip really put in perspective what we are learning, and helped us to experience art and history beyond what’s possible in the classroom." Teddi Matthews