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Friday September 14, 2018 at 3:13pm Age: 312 days
Category: Middle School, District


On the first day of school, faculty and staff at the middle school had an important message for students that was not to be missed. They wore that message printed in bright colors on black T-shirts, and, just in case students were too distracted meeting old friends and finding their way around the school, these words were shared with the morning announcements:

“Last night, or even this morning, maybe the most important choice you made was what you would wear today. As you may have seen when you entered into the building, many of our faculty and staff are wearing a T-shirt with a simple message: ‘Choose Kindness.’ As you travel through the first day of what is going to be an awesome school year here at Minisink Valley Middle School, and see our numerous faculty and staff dressed like this, please let it remind you…

  • Choosing kindness is about taking any situation you come across and making a ‘choice’ to be kind. 
  • Every situation offers us a choice on how to behave, and our action or reaction to it.

Kindness takes many forms:

  • Sometimes it’s a smile.
  • Sometimes it’s a simple look, a word, or a gesture.
  • Sometimes it’s a helping hand.
  • Sometimes it’s to say nothing at all.
  • Kindness is fashionable; wear it in your smile!
  • Kindness is infectious; share it with your voice!
  • Kindness is contagious; pass it on!"

MVMS invites Minisink you to join them in making kindness your choice throughout the year so that all students and staff may feel part of this great community. Pass it on!