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Thursday October 4, 2018 at 3:45pm Age: 265 days
Category: Middle School, District


How do you show RESPECT when things get tough? You STOP, WALK, and TALK. That’s the message behind this week’s assemblies at the Middle School.

To remind students that this important message is part of the school’s 2018-19 theme, presenter, Assistant Principal Stephen Caldwell, and Principal Michael Larsen, sport their “Choose Kindness” t-shirts.

Mr. Caldwell expands on these three steps for responding to problem-behaviors with everyday examples the students can relate too, some humor, and through video clips. The discussion of behaviors and strategies also extends to the online world. 

The three steps can help students stop an unwanted behavior, deescalate a tense situation, take a break, and resume their activities in a calm manner. When the steps don’t stop the problem behavior, students are encouraged to speak to an adult at school. They are assured that they will be thanked for coming to their educators, and will be listened to. 

Students are also taught how to respond when they are the ones being asked to stop an unwanted behavior and why it’s important to respect a peer’s request.