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Friday October 5, 2018 at 3:27pm Age: 264 days
Category: District, High School


It’s been said that no act of kindness --- no matter how small --- is ever wasted, and Minisink Valley High School’s cross country track team reminds us just how true that it.


When Jose Ruiz lost his glasses at Minisink’s Sept. 28 homecoming game, he thought they were lost for good and assumed he’d need to replace them.


But that wasn’t the case.


In an email to Cross Country Coach Brian Golden, his wife Pamela Ruiz recounted what happened after Mr. Ruiz decided to go back to the field on Sunday morning for one, last look to see if he could find them.


“He was determined to get up early and walk around to try to find them,” Mrs. Ruiz wrote. “Losing them the night before at homecoming was bad enough, let alone thinking he would find them the next day, impossible.”


However, the cross country track team also was on the field --- equally bright and early --- for a practice session.


When the team heard about Mr. Ruiz’s plight, they stopped practice and did an unbelievably kind thing.  They joined arms and walked the entire field to make sure every area was searched, with the hope someone would find the glasses.    


“But, there you were, and your cross country track team practicing on a Sunday morning,” wrote Mrs. Ruiz.  “You took time away from practice to help my husband find his glasses and, arm-in-arm, they all set forth, determination at hand.”


During some point during that arm-in-arm walk, someone yelled: “I found them!”


“What an amazing team you have, coach, what an amazing coach you are to help my hubby find his glasses,” Mrs. Ruiz wrote. “I cannot thank you enough, I appreciate you and your team, it only took a moment to help, but it’s a reminder that we really do have great kids in this district and a great coach standing beside them.”


Superintendent Brian Monahan praised Mr. Golden and the team for their help.


“The team’s desire to help is clearly an example for others to follow and is a great reminder of all that’s good at Minisink Valley,” said Mr. Monahan. “We’re happy Mr. Ruiz found his glasses but more importantly, we’re so proud to see the genuine kindness shown to him by our students.”