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MS News Archives from 07-08

Fall Sports 2008 important dates

Please click here for important information regarding Fall Sports 2008.

NEW Art web page

Please check out the new Middle School Art web page by clicking on the Exploratory Corner link from the menu to the right.

6th Grade ELA students read to 2nd graders

On Thursday March 27, 2008, Mrs. Miller's and Ms. Palermo's 6th grade ELA class went back to elementary school when they visited two 2nd grade classes to read picture books that they wrote themselves.  Eight students went to Miss Zolendjeski's and Mrs. Valentino's classes  to read their  "fractured fairy tales", for which they rewrote an original fairy tale with a twist - they changed one element (character, setting, conflict, or resolution) about the story to create and original.  The 6th graders were excellent role models of what good reading and writing looks like, and the 2nd graders were great listeners and asked interesting questions.

Motivational Media Assembly

On Friday March 28, students in grades 6, 7, and 8 had a chance to watch, Vision 360, a multi-media program presented by Motivational Media.  The  show consisted of  movie, video, and sound clips from  today's artists displayed on three large movie screens on the auditorium stage.  Also, a narrator spoke about  character education topics and issues dealing with middle school students.  The assembly was made possible by the generosity of the PTO.

Next Middle School Dance April 4th

Check out the Student Government page for more information on our upcoming Middle School dances. The next dance is April 4th!

During the month of March the entire district participated in the Annual Mid- Hudson Shoes for the Needy program through Groo's Shoes in Middletown. Thank you to ALL who helped by donating their shoes. Because of YOU Minisink Valley Schools raised a total of 289 pounds of shoes!

New Fundraisers are about to start so please read here for more information.

Plus be sure to see some exciting activities and lessons that are happening around the building.

Read Across the Planet

RAP stands for Read Across the Planet – A celebration of reading was held on March 18th in our Minisink Middle School! Nicole Palermo signed up her class in the RAP program to share how excited they were about reading and to try something new. The video conference was held with Sarah Garbus’ class from Tyrrell Middle School in Wolcott, CT.   

Before the conference…Ms. Palermo’s class created t-shirts to get into the spirit of things and to wear during the conference. During the conference, the class presented their tension graphs about their feelings of certain scenes from the book ,The Great Gilly Hopkins. Sarah Garbus’ class had presented a little play on an American Tall Tale called “The Legend of Lightning Larry” for their part. Afterwards both teachers agreed to keep in touch by making the class pen pals.

For another example of another RAP video conference please link here.

One “hair raising” experiment:

Another hair raising experiment captured in Mr. Hoffman’s 8th grade physical science class today.  One of the most famous devises known over is the Van de Graaff generator. As you can see it makes your hair stand on end.   In class lucky science volunteers stand on top of an insulating surface and become charged.  As the lesson unfolds students come to understand the concepts of static electricity, conductors and insulators.

How it works: Upon turning on the Van de Graaff it begins to charge. The developing charge is then transferred to the student volunteer touching it.  As the volunteer’s hair become charged to the same potential, hair strands start to repel from each other (like charges repel).  In turn the volunteers’ hair stands up on end.  Brilliant!

Congratulations to Dave Osczepinski!

Dave Osczepinski is to be congratulated for being named the Varsity 846 Boy's Basketball Coach of the year. Here is a link to an article from the Times Herald Record.

Drama Club presents Alice in Wonderland

On March 13-14, the Middle School Drama Club will performed its take on the classic tale "Alice in Wonderland".  The actors and actresses had a chance to perform in front of their classmates during the school day in preparation for the evening events.  Here are some great moments to remember from the performance.

Video Conference- Read Across the Planet

Students from Mrs. Stamos's Class presenting their version of Jacki and the Bean Stalk.

RAP stands for Read Across the Planet – A celebration of reading was held on March 5th! Minisink Valley Middle School students were busy this winter reading some great books and to celebrate our 7th Grade English Teacher, Jacki Stamos signed up her 4th period class in the RAP program to share how excited they were about reading. The video conference was held with Ms. Paese’s class from Public School IS 145 JOSEPH PULITZER, JACKSON HEIGHTS, NY. Gina Paese who is also a 7th grade English teacher and Mrs. Stamos communicated before the video conference about such things as the schedule of the video conference and what each class would be doing.

During the conference…Mrs. Stamos’s class put on short skits to celebrate reading. They have been learning about narration and so they took fairy tales such as Jack and the Bean Stalk, Hansel and Gretel and Cinderella and gave the stories a narrative twist. The students had props and costumes to get in to the dramatics of it all.

Ms. Paese’s class had created personal books that focused on the individual’s favorite interest. We watched the various students in her class as they discussed their books in detail, the layout of the book, why they wrote about the topic, and book dedications were also given. Their presentations were interactive because the students demonstrated various swim strokes, how to tap dance, and kick a soccer ball correctly. 

This video conference was due in part to our technology department signing up with TWICE and ensuring that the Polycom video conferencing equipment was in working order with the other party. TWICE (Two Way Interactive Connections in Education) is Michigan’s way of providing a matching service for point-to-point videoconferences between schools. Teacher matching is done based registration information.

8th Grade Math Tutors

With the NYS math assessments heading in our direction this week and next, eighteen selected 8th graders are giving up their quiet study period to help 6th graders sharpen their skills.  These students will be meeting for ten days, reviewing prior exams and practicing computation and word problem skills.  The students have been meeting in Mrs. Gerry Farrell's classroom.  The program is under the direction of Mrs. Paula Barnes, math department chairperson.

New York State Mathematics Assessment

New York State requires that all students in grades 3-8 take be tested in mathematics.  This assessment will take place between March 6 and March 12, 2008.

NEW "Exploratory Corner"

Check out the new Exploratory Corner link located on the menu bar to the left of this page.  This new page will contain important information about the exploratory classes, which are: Art, Health, Home and Careers, Computers, Physical Education, Music, and Technology.

New York State ELA Assessments

New York State requires that students in grades 3-8 be tested in English/Language Arts.  During the week of January 14-18, 2008, middle school students in grades 6-8 will be taking the New York State English/Language Arts Assessment.  Testing will occur on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7:30am to 10:30am.  If you need to contact a teacher please direct the phone call to the main office during these hours.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

For testing tips, click here.

Click here for information on state testing.

Trooper Guagenti talks about internet safety

On Thursday December 20, 2007, our School Resource Officer, Trooper Lee Guagenti, presented to all of the students in the middle school about internet safety and cyber-bullying.  During the holiday vacation,  students may be spending  quite a bit of time on their home computers and on the internet.   Therefore it was a opportune time for Trooper Guagenti to meet with the students and the presentation was well received.

Click here for more information on internet safety.

Middle School teachers were students for a day

On the December 14 Half-Conference Day, the Middle School Technology Committee conducted various workshops that related to classroom technology.  Two sessions were held in the afternoon and teachers were able to select two of the following topics: Basic AV, Basic Email, IntegradePro, Publisher, PowerPoint, Website Design, and Network Programs.  The workshops were taught by middle school teachers, Patty McKane, Jodi Roda, Tracey O'Shea, Becky Olah, Ashley Hamilton, Liz Mateer, and Chris Corwin.

Food Drive

The student government will be taking part in a district wide food drive from December 4th to December 7th. We are asking that you participate by bringing in canned food to your homeroom during these dates. Please send your canned food to the main lobby on Monday December 10th along with a tally of your homeroom contributions to Mrs. Ey or Ms. Dolan. We will be awarding the homeroom that has collected the most canned food with a prize.

Thank you,
Nicole Ey & Joanna Dolan

Podcast features MS Teacher

Matt Moyles, 8th grade SS teacher, is going to be featured on an upcoming podcast to be posted on the district webpage. The podcast is a lesson about immigrants coming over to America, the conditions they faced on the boat and at Ellis Island. Be sure to listen!


Internet Safety

In this modern age of technology, the need for a personal computer has grown tremendously.  The internet is an amazing feature available primarily through a PC and offers an incredible amount of information.  In order to keep our children and students safe on the Internet, we need to stay up to date with current safety measures.  With the summer months rapidly approaching, your children may have more access to the Internet.  The following is a list of links that will provide information on Internet safety for both parents and children.