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Wednesday April 7, 2010 at 2:45pm Age: 9 yrs
Category: Middle School

SADD Sensitivity and Diversity Training

On March 24th Joann Seligman-Hargabus, Josette Longstreet, and Linda Simmons from Action Toward Independence spoke with the Middle School SADD students about disability awareness and sensitivity.   Joann Seligman-Hargabus shared her own experience of being disabled through an accident. Ms. Seligman-Hargabus discussed her journey of coping with and finding resources for dealing with her disability.  She now helps others through their journey by working with this organization.   The ladies talked about various disabilities and stressed acceptance of others.

Two key messages that were reinforced to our students were:

“Part of being respectful and accepting of others is being able to understand where they are coming from.  Before you criticize someone…….

Put yourself in their shoes!

“And, most importantly…remember that people with disabilities are people first and ALWAYS deserve the respect and acceptance that you want to receive yourself!”