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Friday June 18, 2010 at 7:45am Age: 8 yrs
Category: Middle School

2010 NYSCATE Grant Awarded to MS Science Department

The Middle School Science Department once again is the recipient of a grant! The 2010 NYSCATE grant was written by Patricia McKane, Technology Education Specialist, in order to upgrade the department’s science probes so they can work with the present day computers in the building. Chuck Hoffman had brought up the fact that the Minisink Middle School’s Science department presently has an inventory of sensor probes from Vernier but they are of an outdated technology, 5 pin serial. They worked together to figure out exactly what was needed. The $1925.00 awarded this August will allow the students to test their theories utilizing sensor probes by collecting data about motion, light, heat, pressure, magnets, PH balance, air moisture, air pressure and force on the computer. The department also does not have motion detector sensors from the old inventory so this would be a beneficial addition to our sensor equipment since motion is part of our curriculum.