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Friday June 25, 2010 at 12:21pm Age: 8 yrs
Category: Middle School

Middle School - Summer School

Middle School students who fail two or more subjects for the school year are unable to proceed to the next grade level unless they complete an approved summer school program.   When the summer school final grade(s) are sent to the Counseling Office, they will be evaluated to determine if the student  has earned the grade(s) needed in order to be promoted.


Minisink Valley is offering a summer school program.  Middle school parents interested in enrolling their student at the Minisink Valley Program should complete a registration form (available in the Middle School Counseling Office)  and return it by 1:30 PM Thursday, July 1st.  There is no cost for the Minisink Summer School Program this year.  Parents are responsible for transporting their child to and from the summer school program. 


REGISTRATION:  June 28th – July 1st  (Monday - Thursday)


This year summer school will start on July 6th:
WEEK 1:  July 6th – July 9th (Tuesday - Thursday)

WEEK 2:  July 12th – July 15th (Monday - Thursday)

WEEK 3:  July 19th – July 22nd (Monday - Thursday)

WEEK 4:  July 26th – July 29th (Monday - Thursday)

WEEK 5:  August 2nd – August 5th (Monday - Thursday)

WEEK 6:  August 9th and August 12th (Monday - Thursday)

WEEK 7:  August 16th (Monday)


Please call the Middle School Counseling Office at (355-5210) for further information.