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Monday January 26, 2015 at 11:16am Age: 4 yrs
Category: Middle School


The Middle School celebrated No Name-Calling Week from January 19th through the 23rd.   The theme for the week was the power of kindness and how one person can make a difference.  Students took the opportunity to write a brief description of how another student, teacher or staff member made a difference in their lives.The middle school took the opportunity to recognize and acknowledge the following individuals who stood out: Audrey Venter, Jessica Rivera, Kiera Janes, Julia Dewhurst, Rorey Hamilton, Taylor Fournier, Keegan Beamish, Nolan Carver, Megan Odland, Mrs. Corletta, Ms. Beairsto, Ms. Cantoli, Ms. Powell, and Mr. Maine.

As a token of appreciation for their efforts in making Minisink Valley a kinder, safer place for everyone to learn these students received a certificate and a water bottle with the following saying:


A man on the beach where thousands of starfish lay dying in the sun saw a girl tossing them into the sea, one by one.

“Why bother?” he asked.

“You won’t make much of a difference.”

Tossing yet another starfish into the sea,

the girl said

“I made a difference to that one.”

Each student also received a window static cling with the slogan - One Person Can Make a Difference.

Thank you to each and every student and staff member who continue to make a positive difference in the lives of others.  Also, a special "Thank You" to Mrs. Semco for her efforts in coordinating No-Name Calling Week at the Minisink Valley Middle School and delivering this beautiful message to our students.