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Wednesday May 3, 2017 at 12:39pm Age: 2 yrs
Category: Middle School, District


The youngest of Holocaust survivors – such as those born in concentration camps at the end of World War II – turn 72 in 2017. Survivors who have a memory of the Holocaust experience have dwindled to an estimated 100,000 worldwide. But they are still telling their stories and keeping alive the memory of those who were lost.  


Minisink Valley eighth grade students had the rare opportunity to meet with a local Holocaust survivor, Rita Schwartz, and hear her story and her family’s, on April 21.


Mrs. Schwartz, a Greenville resident, spoke about her experiences growing up in Nazi dominated Austria during the 1930s. While she and her immediate family were able to escape to the United States, she lost aunts and uncles, cousins and friends.


Filled with genuine emotion, Mrs. Schwartz’s testimony of courage and endurance reminded everyone that we are fortunate to live the lives we do, and she urged her young audience to value and honor the freedoms they enjoy.