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Thursday August 10, 2017 at 3:55pm Age: 2 yrs
Category: District, Middle School


Over 200 happy campers participated in this summer’s Project Cooperation, a school-funded, three-day program offered to all 6th graders entering the middle school in September.

A word from program coordinators…
“This program is a unique opportunity for Otisville and Intermediate School graduates to get to know one another, and cut down on the anxiety of starting over in a new building, with new peers and personnel,” said Jennifer Pagnanella who coordinates Project Cooperation with fellow middle school English teacher Nick Prezioso.

All indoor and outdoor activities are also designed to promote team-building, develop leadership skills, and boost the students’ sense of self-esteem.

Student reviews…

--“I learned a lot about working together, and I tried many interesting things I’d never done before,” said Anthony Ramirez, a graduate of Otisville Elementary School.

--“This was even better than I expected. I thought we were going to spend most of the time learning about the middle school. I was surprised that we had so many more activities, and had so much fun together,” said Megan Murray, another Otisville graduate.

About the program…
Every day began with ice-breakers, but each day offered a different set of activities. They included group-art projects; a thrilling reptiles’ presentation; recipe-making and eating (“dirt-cups,” krispy treats, fried dough and fruit punch); skits around MV3/P.B.I.S. (Respect Self, Respect Others, and Respect Property/Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports); games galore; relay races and other sports; and lots of outdoor fun with tie dyeing, inflatables and water play.

On the third and last day, students reviewed middle school schedules and code of conduct, toured the facilities and practiced opening their lockers. Closing highlights included an ice-cream buffet, and DJ dancing.

Thank you, program volunteers…
Project Cooperation ran Aug. 7-9 under the care and guidance of 16 teacher-counselors and 40 high school peer leaders. A round of thanks to all our gracious volunteers.