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Friday January 12, 2018 at 3:37pm Age: 1 year
Category: Middle School, District


“Dream” is perhaps the word most associated with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., but his message of non-violence and philosophical principles centered around many other powerful words.

In honor of Dr. King’ birthday celebration on Monday, Jan. 15, eighth grade students in Nicole Saunders ceramics class sculpted and painted words representing Dr. King’s 6 Principles and 6 Steps of Nonviolence.

Before attempting to express Dr. King’s teachings in a visual way, each student, or team of students, focused on one single principle to arrive at a single powerful word that embodies its meaning.

In designing their word sculptures, students gave thought to the size, color, font type and the way to connect the letters that made up each word.

—Their powerful words…

Kailey Tvedt and Dasha Hernandez partnered to create their “Friends”-word sculpture. They used the colors of the rainbow to signify diversity, and set the letters upon an infinity symbol. “The word and the symbol reminds me of how people stood together at that time to fight for their rights,” Dasha said.

Also working together, Charles Ruiz and Joseph Dewhurst chose the word “Miracles,” reflecting the aspects of faith involved in Dr. King’s principle that justice will prevail. 

Adrianna Raub chose to express “Peace” in her sculpture. “I chose the word because I want everyone to have peace and be happy. Peace also stood out because it can help us connect with each other,” Adrianna said.

—On display...

The word sculptures are part of a Dr. King  birthday display outside Mrs. Saunders’s classroom. With the help of school librarian Maggie Spicehandler who coordinated this project, the sculptures were also photographed in black and white and matted for viewing at the library.