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Monday January 29, 2018 at 3:50pm Age: 355 days
Category: Middle School


Eighth graders have been playing with toy cars in Mr. Hoffman’s science lab. Science 8 involves the physical science of motion, and toy cars are being used to investigate and understand speed.

Working in groups, students use wood ramps to propel their cards. They observe and make predictions about the cars’ performance according to different variables, e.g., type and size. They collect data on speed, constant speed, average speed, and acceleration, and use it to create data graphs.

Applying critical thinking, class groups discuss and compare their investigations, and test the reliability of their experiments.

"It's fun to work in a group and solve problems," Kory Dixon said. "Physics is fun and helps us understand the real world," Chaz Caron added.

Also included in the eighth grade physical science curriculum are explorations into astronomy, matter, machines, energy and technology. Many more reasons to play up science.