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Tuesday October 14, 2008 at 10:26am Age: 10 yrs
Category: Middle School

Multiple Intelligences Projects: It’s not how smart you are, but HOW you’re smart!

Mrs. Miller's Pd. 3 ELA 6 class listened to excerpts from John Grogan's memoir, Marley: A Dog Like No Other, about life with his hyper yellow lab. After taking a Multiple Intelligences Survey, the students chose from 8 different projects that aligned with Howard Gardner's 9 Multiple Intelligences. Students got to choose a project that appealed to their learning style.
Project choices included:

  • Write a letter to the author comparing Marley to your pet (Interpersonal/Linguistic)
  • Write a song about Marley's behaviors OR about losing a pet(Musical/Linguistic)
  • Write a journal entry about your dog's behaviors and how they compare to Marley's OR about losing a pet (Intrapersonal/Linguistic)
  • List Marley's "antics" and the cause and effect of each(Logistical/Mathematical)
  • Design a "Marley-Proof' room; Describe the changes you made and why (Bodily-Kinesthetic/Spatial)
  • Draw a map of the Grogan family's major events with Marley in Florida (Visual/Spatial)
  • Create Popsicle stick puppets of the Grogan family and reenact your favorite scene from the story (Bodily-Kinesthetic/Linguistic)
  • Write about the life lessons we can learn from Marley or from any pet (Existentialist/Linguistic)

Most students chose to create a "Marley-Proof" room. We also had Popsicle stick puppets and a cause-and-effect chart! Students included a paragraph describing their project with support from the memoir.  Check out "Links" on Mrs. Miller’s website for the survey, a description of the intelligences, and activities.