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Monday June 1, 2009 at 3:30pm Age: 10 yrs
Category: Middle School


This spring the GATES Club (Gifted and Talented for Experience and Service) were busy.  Again, we spruced up the courtyard. Most of the GATES Club members continue to tutor other students during their study hall, lunch or after-school hours. Guidance counselors throughout the year have called for a GATES member to be matched up with a student who is in need of peer tutoring.

        In May, GATES Club members prepared a basket of vanilla items to be raffled in support of the Caitlin Hammaren Memorial Scholarship. We also made and posted flyers throughout Minisink regarding Caitlin's benefit concert and 5K run. Also in May, the members of GATES's Quiz Bowl team participated in the county- wide intermural tournament.

       Throughout the year GATES members who are "BOCES Buddies" visited their individual partners from the BOCES wing, and we celebrated holidays with them with special activities, such as seed planting on Earth Day.  We also had several parties with our BOCES buddies and are looking forward to ending the year with an ice cream social and a garden-making project near the BOCES wing.

       On Saturday, May 30, some seventh and eighth-grade GATES members traveled to Manhattan by NJ Transit. Then, from Penn Station we rode the subway to Bowling Green and took the ferry to Governor's Island. The captain came down from the pilot house and spoke with us. Next we walked through Battery Park to the financial district and visited the Museum of the American Indian, a part of the Smithsonian. From there we rode the subway to Chinatown for lunch, then uptown to a matinee performance of an off-Broadway musical. We did lots of walking and, when time permitted, visited famous downtown and midtown landmarks. We had fun at the SONY Interactive Wonder Lab before enjoying a delicious dinner uptown in a typical NYC Italian restaurant.  We were  all wearing the  Minisink-GATES shirts and the people in the restaurant commented on how well-mannered everyone was. We briefly visited Mr. Murphy's parents' high-rise apartment between Central Park and Lincoln Center, and after eating dessert there, we went on to play and rock climb in Central  Park before taking the train home. A great day for a great group of hard-working students and teachers! This summer some of the GATES members will be visiting the llama farm in Milford and also participating in the canoe trip to clean up the Delaware River.

        The GATES Club members want to express their appreciation to their advisors and the other adults who helped during the year. Advisors are Elizabeth Murphy, Jacqui  Stamos, Katie. DeSieno, Marcy Russo, Regine Fontaine. BOCES Buddies coordinators are Mrs. Posie Tveit and Mrs. Murphy. And thanks to the many other adults and parents who make the GATES Club so much fun.