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Wednesday September 23, 2009 at 2:07pm Age: 9 yrs
Category: Middle School

Exploring Inside Earth


In Ms. Lattimer’s 6th grade science class, students are discovering what is inside the Earth! They are unveiled how geologists know what’s inside the Earth without physically going to the center.

  • Students simulated seismic waves by dropping a marble into water. The ripples created represent the movement of seismic waves through the Earth- an indirect piece of evidence.
  • Students discovered the rock in the mantle bends like Taffy!
  • Students performed a Peach Lab. They compared layers of a peach to the layers of the earth: Thin skin (crust); thick, gooey fruit (mantle); hard pit (core).
  • Students investigated how Earth’s molten outer core may create Earth’s magnetic field by identifying the pattern of iron filings around a bar magnet.