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Tuesday December 4, 2012 at 8:57am Age: 6 yrs
Category: High School

2013 High School Orange County Music Festival


The following students have been selected to participate in the 2013 High School Orange County Music Festival in January.      

Taylor Klein                            Soprano                       Mixed Chorus

Hope Miedema                       Soprano                       Mixed Chorus

Rachel O’Connor                    Soprano                       Mixed Chorus

Amanda Scialabba                  Soprano                       Mixed Chorus

Abigail Williams                     Soprano                       Mixed Chorus

Abbye Atwood                       Alto                             Mixed Chorus                        

Carolyn Galbo                         Alto                             Mixed Chorus

Haley Parker                           Alto                             Mixed Chorus

Randi Sisco                             Alto                             Mixed Chorus

Johanna Wiley                         Alto                             Mixed Chorus

Bryon Imbarrato                     Tenor                           Mixed Chorus

Alec Beebe                              Bass                             Mixed Chorus

Brian Ferguson                        Bass                             Mixed Chorus

Tyler Gibbs                             Bass                             Mixed Chorus


Alison Miller                           Piccolo                                    Band

Sophie Goliber                        Bassoon                       Band

Ben Gessner                            Clarinet                       Band

Thaila Fisher                            Clarinet                       Band

Jaclyn Doherty                        Clarinet                       Band

Thomas Hulle                          Horn                            Band

Dalton Chu                             Trumpet                       Band

Denise Bushey                        Trombone                    Band

Colin Cusack                           Trombone                    Band  

Daniel Siper                            Percussion                   Band

Brandon Ferrier                       Percussion                   Band

Krista White                            Piccolo                                    Orchestra



Congratulations to all!