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Wednesday February 22, 2017 at 3:59pm Age: 2 yrs
Category: High School


By Nicholas Emanuele, Phys. Ed. Teacher

MVHS 2017 Badminton Tournament was a roller coaster of upsets, comebacks, and exciting finishes.

The most shocking upset saw top seeded, 2016 defending champ Noah Dirks and his new partner Garret Doherty lose to the 5th seeded Austin Jedziniak and Ross Bartziokas in the semi-final game!

But it wasn’t over for Austin and Ross. They had to face 3rd seeded Andrew Covais and Dominick Vetrano who ran through all their opponents and were looking to take the championship themselves.

The first game went to Austin and Ross.  Between Austin’s mean backhand and Ross’s deadly serve, they looked unbeatable. Andrew and Dominick started the second game down by 4, but rallied back to win the game. The third game was close, but, in the end, Andrew and Dominick took the championship!

The Co-Ed Division had a true underdog story. The 11th seeded Sarah Smith and Tyler Jashembowski made it all the way to the championship game. They faced the top seeded Nora Hanlon and Brian Carey in another 3-game series. Brian and Nora breezed through the first game and thought they were on easy street. But the second game was a wake-up call, with Tyler and Sarah dominating the game and sweeping an 11-1 win. 


Emotions ran high. Each side could be seen giving pep talks to the other. The final game was a nail-biter, but in the end Nora and Brian took home the victory. 


The all-day event was an accomplishment for all participating students, and for everyone involved in organizing another successful badminton tournament. 

  • 2017 Men’s Division Winners: Andrew Covais and Dominick Vetrano
  • 2017 Co-Ed Division Winners: Brian Carey and Nora Hanlon
  • 2017 Costume Winners: Liz Mazany & Cassidy Smith