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Tuesday March 21, 2017 at 9:04am Age: 2 yrs
Category: High School, District


A day in the life of a medical student—what is that like? Students in Mrs. Russell’s anatomy and physiology classes got a hands-on answer to that question during a tour and exploration of the laboratories at Touro Medical College of Osteopathy in Middletown, on March 17.


In the medical simulation lab students observed robotic models used to create virtual patient-care experiences, covering a range of medical scenarios. They focused on a model capable of responding to all birthing circumstances.


In the plastics laboratory, students viewed and held preserved human sections that mimic MRI-like images. This laboratory was combined with a 3-D lab where students wore 3-D glasses to virtually dissect organs and gain new understanding of their intricacies. 


In the cadaver lab, based on their level of comfort, students were able to identify, manipulate and pose questions about human body parts. Every student noticed the care and respect taken with human specimens, and the reverence that surrounds dissection in an upper-level environment.  


The Student Experience…

  • “It was an experience which I didn't think I would encounter until well into my college career. I was able to have a peek into the competitiveness of medical school and the process of how to get there. I now have a better idea of what goes into becoming successful in the medical field.” –Brianna Cabrera
  • “I learned that a D.O. is a doctor of osteopathic medicine. D.O.s differ from M.D.s (Doctor of Medicine) because on top of being able to do everything that an M.D. can do, they go beyond prescribing medicine. They offer additional advice on how one can better him or herself.” –Jenna Clayton
  • “Our class trip to Touro Medical College was one of the most educational experiences I've ever had. We engaged in state of the art 3-D technology and made contact with real human organs. It was truly a great day!” –Ben Golden
  • “I was intrigued to see the students examining the cadavers on their free time.” –Morgan Volpe
  • “I was fascinated by all of the advanced technology being used by the students at Touro.” –Sarah Smith
  •  “It was an educational and encouraging trip.” –Kyle Waltenberg-O'Brien
  • “I thought the trip was interesting and enlightening, especially since I want to go into the medical field.” –Katherine Harrison
  • “I think that going go Touro College was a very cool experience. We were given the opportunity to see how anatomy is studied at a higher level, and got a closer look at the inside of the human body. We also gained insight into what going to medical school is like.” –Lauren Racz
  • "After using state of the art 3-D dissection desktops, looking at human bones with an anatomy professor, and examining a pre-dissected cadaver, we learned what it takes to go through the rigorous hands-on medical school.” –Tyler G. DeGeorge