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Thursday March 15, 2018 at 5:30pm Age: 276 days
Category: High School, District


Students in Mr. Sucich's participation in government classes and Mrs. Lombardo's Book Club traveled to Albany to participate in Library Advocacy Day, on February 28.  

Meeting Minisink Valley’s representatives in Albany...

During a meeting with their NYS Assembly representatives — Aileen Gunther and Karl Brabenec — students had the opportunity to ask about and discuss a range of topics: how state government decisions can affect their lives; local districting and how to get involved in local government; civic right and responsibilities; how to encourage their peers and community to be informed and take action on important issues; library funding and the need for a local library in Minisink Valley.

The trip included a guided tour of the State Capitol Building and watching a Senate session in progress.

Student takeaways…

"We were urged to vote. They told us that, as the next generation of voters, we are responsible for the decisions that are currently being debated in our country. It was inspiring!" — Yadais Trinidad Colon

"This trip really showed me how our state government works, and meeting representatives from our assembly was very interesting. They gave us advice on how to go about creating a public library for our town, and they encouraged us to take an active role in our local government." — Nikki Lombardo

"On the trip to Albany, I realized that the people that represent our community in the state capitol actually care for the people at home, unlike the corrupt politicians you see on television." — Dylan Knapp

"I learned that government at the state level is just as important as the government at the federal level." — Thomas Sorrentino

Minisink VAlley High School expresses its appreciation to Assemblywoman Gunther and Assemblyman Brabenec for taking time out of their busy schedules to speak with our students.