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Monday August 10, 2015 at 12:45pm Age: 3 yrs
Category: Otisville Elementary


The start of a new school year is just around the corner!  The administration, faculty, and staff of Otisville Elementary School are excited to welcome our students back to school.  As your family prepares for another school year, consider the following "Ten Tips for Your Child's Success in School" as outlined by   


  • Enforce Healthy Habits - Early bed times, healthy food, plenty of exercise and limited tv/computer/video time all contribute to a healthy environment.
  • Stick to a Routine - Structure the day so expectations for what to do and when to do it are clear.
  • Create a "Launch Pad" - Choose a place in which your child puts any school related items.  
  • Designate a Workspace - This is where the homework and the projects happen!
  • Read Read Read -  Young students learn to read.  By fourth grade they are reading to learn.  Learn and read together!
  • Learn Always -  Look for opportunities to incorporate newly learned skills in everyday life.  For example, talk about fractions while baking.
  • Take the Lead - Allow your child to see you reading or doing other tasks while they are working on homework.  This demonstrates a strong work ethic.
  • Show Interest - Attend open house and other school functions.
  • Talk Often -  Ask lots of questions about the school day.  Questions that cannot be answered with "yes" or "no" will yield lots of information.
  • Expect Success - No one child can be expected to be the best at everything.  But every child can be expected to do their best.