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Wednesday June 22, 2016 at 12:52pm Age: 2 yrs
Category: District, Otisville Elementary


Sporting their Sunday best and white graduate caps, four kindergarten classes walked through balloon arches into the Otisville Elementary auditorium on June 21 to the sound of Edward Elgar’s “Pomp and Circumstance.” They were greeted by the cinematic attention of proud family and friends.


Accompanied by their teachers, they took their places framed by a colorful and festive “Kindergarten Class of 2016” banner. Following welcoming remarks by school principal Vincent Biele, music teacher Meghan Hughes lead the graduates in cheerful and expressive singing, beginning with “A Kindergarten Graduation Song” to the tune of Grease’s score “Summer Nights.”


Students were then introduced one by one and presented with their kindergarten graduation certificates. Before exiting the stage, they turned to the audience and acted out their personal take on the art of the curtsy, making for many a timeless photo-op.


After the ceremony, students reunited with their families in the cafeteria where they continued to celebrate a full year of learning and growing.


The Otisville Elementary School extends special thanks to kindergarten teachers Jean Breheney, Yvonne Brennan, Jeni Galligan, Dave Gronner, Karri Hewlet and Sherri Jennings, and classroom aides Amelia Crumm, Lisa Emanuele and Chris Fratto.