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Monday March 13, 2017 at 12:20pm Age: 2 yrs
Category: Otisville Elementary


Since early February, and through the end of April, Otisville Elementary has been offering an array of after-school enrichment programs with a wide range of appeal and skill-development.


Students can learn typing skills, practice the scientific method, crochet their own scarf, stretch body and mind with basic yoga, learn old and create new card-games, advance math skills or learn to build simple machines with Legos, use puppets to improve storytelling and creative writing, or learn the basics of volleyball and team-playing.  Two additional programs involving ancient history and world geography ended in early March.


Recently, in Mrs. Downey’s program, students learning to build simple machines with Legos were moving from levers to axles and wheels. Rogan, a third-grader, signed-up for this course because he loves to build things. Molly, a fourth-grader, has built a Lego world at home, and liked the sound of machine-building.


Mrs. Buchler’s yoga students were eager to talk about the benefits of yoga during a snack-break. Alexa, a fifth-grader who loves gym and exercising, is finding that yoga gives her greater flexibility and helps her feel relaxed. For her peer, Samir, basketball has long been a passion, but he’s glad he decided to give yoga a try. “It makes me calm, and it gives me a good stretch and workout,” he said. Victoria, who likes to stay active, finds that yoga gives her a burst of energy. Alexis feels less restless and more focused after yoga, which helps her settle down to study and do her homework.


In Mrs. Louey’s typing course, fifth-graders Anthony and Piedro are hoping that better and faster typing skills will help them get ahead on their homework, too.