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Tuesday April 4, 2017 at 1:50pm Age: 2 yrs
Category: Otisville Elementary, District


It’s the 8th Annual Great Otisville Read Aloud and all through this week our students are being read to by middle and high school students, and special guests, in celebration of reading and books.


In person or via Google Hangouts, the readings take place during library classes, under the guidance of school librarian Candice Sheerer.


When guests share their passion for reading and books, they also share something about themselves and their story. One’s reading choice, reading interpretation and response to a literary piece are a unique testimony of the impact of words and stories in our lives.


“How did you get to be such a good reader?” a fourth grade student asked of a middle school reader. “Reading!” the middle schooler answered.


The first guest reader to come to the library this year was Mrs. Coppola, a retired Otisville post office clerk. She has been part of the program every year, since it started in 2010. She read “Guess Again?” which kept a second grade class engaged – and guessing – and then shared the reading of the funny “It’s Only Stanley” with Mrs. Sheerer.


After each reading session, students were encouraged to find a book or two to take home.


“Reading is the common ground between our guest-readers and our students,” Mrs. Sheerer said. “When adults and older peers share their enthusiasm for reading and books with our students, the message is, ‘reading is a meaningful experience,’ ‘reading is rewarding.’ Good reading habits are essential to lifelong learning, and that’s the focus of our Great Read Aloud.”