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Wednesday May 24, 2017 at 8:11am Age: 2 yrs
Category: District, Minisink Elementary, Otisville Elementary


Student safety starts with getting our students safely to and from school. To that end, Minisink Valley’s department of transportation is currently offering bus safety workshops to preschool students slated to enter kindergarten in the fall.

Minisink bus drivers undergo special training for the program and work in small teams. Students are engaged through question and answer sessions, illustrations, a children’s video on bus safety, and ridership exercises in their pre-school’s parking lot.

Instruction topics include crossing safety, the importance of sitting straight on the bus, learning bus driver signals for stopping and going, danger zones, respecting the bus and the driver, respecting each other, and helping others to be safe.

Students take home an activity book and a handout for parents to help reinforce bus safety at home.

In addition to the preschool sessions, there is also a focus on transportation safety during kindergarten registration and the beginning of the school year.

The Family Bus Program for K-5 includes bus driver visits to the classrooms to help students make the connection between school and transportation, as well as safety drills on how to evacuate from different sides of the bus. The transportation department also offers individualized training for students experiencing difficulties on the bus.