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Friday December 11, 2009 at 10:17am Age: 9 yrs
Category: Intermediate


Last Friday, December 4, we held our theme recognition assembly for the theme of Responsibility.  Students were treated to two guest speakers at each grade level assembly.  The guest speakers were high-school seniors who manage to balance their school work with extra-curricular activities.  Students spoke of their work with FBLA, after-school jobs, athletics, fine arts productions, etc.

The conclusion of this theme results in the commencement of a new theme, TRUSTWORTHINESS.  Students listened to two announcements this week reminding them of the importance of this trait, as well as specific attributes of the trait. 

One announcement focused around the quote, "No one is hurt by doing the right thing."  The other involved a quiz, where students kept track of specific behaviors in their heads.  They were asked the following questions:

  • Are you honest? 
  • Next, have you ever cheated or stolen?
  • Do you keep your promises and follow through on commitments?
  • Do you do what is right, even if it feels difficult?
  • Are you a good and dependable friend?  

We look forward to gathering again on February 5 (Snow date of February 8) to recognize our trustworthy students and thank you for your continued support of this program.