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Tuesday May 18, 2010 at 10:15am Age: 9 yrs
Category: Intermediate


On Friday, April 23, the intermediate school held it's fifth theme recognition assembly of the year, recognizing students for the theme of caring.  A big congratulations goes out to our caring students and their families!  Students were treated to a guest visitor, Robert Gould.  Mr. Gould is a volunteer for the American Red Cross,  an organization that surely exemplifies the theme of caring.  Mr. Gould spoke to the students about the various projects he has done with the Red Cross as well as notable disaster-relief and preparedness efforts worldwide.  More information about the Red Cross can be obtained here

Of particular interest, especially to local history buffs, Mr. Gould's father, John, a local painter, painted many of the mid-century American Red Cross posters used to publicize the Red Cross and their work.  Mr. Gould brought many of these prints with him to share with our students and teachers!  (More information about John Gould can be obtained by clicking this link.)

Please be sure to click on the green title at the top of this article to view more photos of this great assembly! 

Congratulations to the following students from each grade level:

Third Grade:  Ryan Johanson, Nicolas Albornoz, Nicole Bellettiere, Timothy Mabee, Autumn Trejo, Sara wolff, Rebecca Hager, Meaghan Doyle, Remi Land, Abigail Gibbons, & Jeanna McDonagh

Fourth Grade:  Justin Duryea, Noelle Tuft, Savannah Conroy, Annmarie Traverse, Robbie Albertson, Alyssa Gennis, Nicole Palmer, Morgan Palenik, & Emma Hogan

Fifth Grade:  Gabriella Ziobro, Hannah Whitlock, Andrew Marotto, Peter Vaughan, Chandler Riggin, Victoria Duncan, Samantha Uleberg, Kaitlyn Weber, Evan Lemmerman, Semhare Louis-Andrew, Alexandra O'Dougherty, & Erin Grogan