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Tuesday May 4, 2010 at 8:02am Age: 9 yrs
Category: Intermediate


Thanks to the EXCEL Grant from New York State, all classrooms have been outfitted with an LCD projector.  We also have several Smartboards around the building available for teacher use.  Teachers have been putting this technology and equipment to great use in each of their classrooms!  Shown here is just one example.  Mrs. VanderDrift, fourth grade teacher, is using the SmartBoard to help her students prepare for the New York State Elementary Level Math test.  By pulling up a PDF file of an archived NYS Test, students were able to use the interactive markers and whiteboard surface to highlight important information for all to see, show their work to the class, correct mistakes if applicable (using the interactive eraser!), and review.  Mrs. VanderDrift then showed the students how to check their work using the reverse operation.  This method also helps us to preserve the environment and "go green" by eliminating the need for multiple copies.  Be sure to click on the green title of this article for more photos of the student here at work and of Mrs. VanderDrift's review.  Archived New York State Education Department elementary-level tests can be accessed here.