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Tuesday June 1, 2010 at 11:45am Age: 9 yrs
Category: Intermediate


Mrs. Clark's class did an amazing job this year with their Question/Answer Book Reports.

Lovina John
---What a fun way to learn!  Lovina John taught the class about India with her very impressive Question/Answer Book Report.  She chose the Jeopardy style of questioning and the class loved picking the category and the dollar amount to learn all her facts.

Victoria Newhall---Victoria Newhall taught us about Ocean Sunfish with her very attractive project.  Did you know that the average Ocean Sunfish weighs 2,200 pounds.

Blake Post---Blake Post's Bobsledding Question/Answer project was very appropriate since we just finished watching the Winter Olympics on T. V. this winter season.  

Victoria Duncan---Victoria Duncan's project on Turkey was very informative.  She even taught us some useful vocabulary, and how to say it, for example, "Hello" is "Merhaba" in the Turkish language.

Tom Mayes---Tom Mayes had a unique idea for his Question/Answer Book Report.  First he read us information from his text.  We were allowed to take notes.   Then he questioned us.  In order to know the answers we had to really listen  first.  Great Idea!


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