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Tuesday October 5, 2010 at 1:51pm Age: 8 yrs
Category: Intermediate


Has your child come home saying he/she is a bucket filler, or that someone at school helped to fill his/her bucket?  Are you left wondering just what that means?  We can help! 

Each of us carries an invisible bucket!  It gets filled up when someone says or does something nice for us, or when we say or do something nice in return.  A bucket dipper, on the contrary, is one who tries to fill their own bucket by dipping into another's bucket.  (unkind actions, hurtful words, bullying, etc.)  However, like the Golden Rule, our own buckets can never be filled with the contents of another person's buckets!  We are striving to be a BUILDING of BUCKET FILLERS!  

Each homeroom received a visit from Mrs. Memmelaar, building principal, who read the book Have you Filled a Bucket Today? A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids.  The book emphasizes the principles detailed in this article.  "Bucket Filling" has become a part of our vocabulary as a result of this exercise, and students are really working on bucket filling!  Ask your child today what he/she did to fill someone else's bucket, or if his/hers was filled by someone else!