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Monday October 25, 2010 at 4:57pm Age: 8 yrs
Category: Intermediate


The intermediate school, with the help of Mr. Short, student council advisor, is celebrating Red Ribbon Week, a week bringing emphasis to the importance of making good decisions and living a drug free lifestyle!

Each morning, students will be listening to some words of wisdom about remaining drug free.  Peers are educating each other about the rewards and benefits of a drug-free lifestyle.  This is highlighted through the morning trivia questions on the announcements, as well as through the visit students got on Monday from the high school SADD club.  (Students Against Destructive Decisions).

You may have also noticed that your child came home with a red ribbon bracelet on today. This is a tangible reminder to him/her of Red Ribbon Week.  These bracelets were also numbered.  Each morning after the trivia announcements, a number is called at random.  Students with a bracelet with the matching number come to the office to claim a prize.

Follow up with a discussion at your child at home.  Asking him/her what (s)he learned on the morning announcements this morning is a great place to start!