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Wednesday June 1, 2016 at 2:05pm Age: 3 yrs
Category: Intermediate


A new multi-media experience brought the work of band students to life and provided a new learning experience in augmented reality.

Just prior to the last spring concert, band teacher Mr. Andrew Hulle posted colorful images of band instruments around the entrance to the intermediate school auditorium.  They were intended as a technology-based activity for families as they waited for the concert to start.  

Behind each image of a wind instrument was an augmented reality experience of that instrument being played by the corresponding section of the IS concert and select bands – as pre-recorded by Mr. Hulle during class. The experience is available through the use of Aurasma, a free app that uses the camera on a smartphone or tablet to recognize actual images – such as musical instruments – and then overlays media on top of them in the form of “auras”: animations, videos, 3-D models and web pages.

Concert goers had to first download Aurasma to their smart devices, create an account, search for Mr. Hulle, and follow him to be able to access the “auras.”

Last week, Mr. Hulle and Mrs. Karen Smith’s 5th grade class met around the picture gallery to experience Aurasma for themselves.

“What does augmented mean?” Mr. Hulle said as he introduced Aurasma to the students. “Something expanded, amplified, made larger.”


Divided in groups and with iPads in hand, students gathered around each image and were challenged to engage in intelligent discussions using a variety of adjectives to describe their favorite performances featured on the “auras.”