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Tuesday October 3, 2017 at 4:22pm Age: 1 year
Category: Intermediate, District


The right message at the right moment can change someone's day. That’s the slogan behind the Nationwide Kindness Rock Challenge, a movement that’s inspiring individuals across the country to engage in random acts of kindness by decorating rocks with positive messages. The rocks are then left in public places for others to discover.

MVIS students accepted the challenge and decorated small rocks of their own in art class. 

“The goal of this project was to create a large scale artwork that unifies the school on the physical and emotional levels,” explained Stefani Caporlingua, MVIS art teacher. “Each child was asked to think of a positive or supportive message they could say to another student, and use that as inspiration for their design. The result is many unique rocks brimming with supportive messages and endearing embellishments. It truly makes me happy to look at them,” Mrs. Caporlingua said.

Student messages and inspiration...

Third grader Ashanty wasn’t ready to talk abut her rock when first asked. She needed time to think.

Her peer Alannah imprinted “1000% Fun” on her rock. She was inspired by the words “half fun” on a classroom wall, and took it 999.5% further.

Fifth grader Nicholas was thinking about missing a hit in baseball and trying again, and again, when he came up with his “Be un STOP able” rock message.

Third grader Ava’s rock reads, “FLY,” and depicts a butterfly on a sunny day. Her message expresses the feeling of being free to be yourself, she explained.

Third grade Edward’s rock could be seen as a different take on Ava’s message: “Be your avitar,” reads the rock of this “Avatar” movie fan. 

Christee, who believes a smile goes a long way, used her rock to remind people to “Say cheese” more often.

When Ashanty was finally ready to talk about her rock, she made it worth the wait: “I was thinking how we should love people for what they are on the inside, not the outside,” she said. Her rock is imprinted with the word “love.”

What’s next for the kindness rocks?

The rocks will be primed and added to a Kindness Rock Garden outside the school’s front entrance. “I hope they always remind our students to share kindness and take care of one another,” Mrs. Caporlingua added.

Learn more about the Kindness Rock Project and take the challenge with your family.