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Monday June 17, 2019 at 3:19pm Age: 151 days
Category: Intermediate, District


“Did you know that koala bears are actually not bears?” A group of third-graders in Gary Passamonte’s classroom couldn’t wait to set the record straight on Australia's most popular native animal. 

“They’re a marsupial because marsupials have a pouch to carry their babies,” they explained, in unison.

Along with other groups in their classroom and Shari Cannone’s third-graders next door, the students were anxiously awaiting their visiting K-3 peers to present the findings of a month’s worth of scientific research into various bear breeds.

“We’re very excited because we’ve been waiting for this day for a long time to present to the other classes and show them our bear zoos,” said Ava Revella, a member of the Polar bear group in Mr. Passamonte’s class. “This was a fun thing for us to do this year.”

Working in groups, the students used Chromebooks to research kid-friendly sites about bears, watched videos, read texts, and took personal responsibility for a specific component of the group’s investigative tasks. While creating their displays and preparing their presentations students were also able to apply their knowledge of animal types and animal habitats.

“We are very proud of their efforts and all the hard work that went into the project,” said Ava’s teacher, Mr. Passamonte. The bear zoos project was evidence-based and required the practice of research, collaboration, creative and communication skills.

“This was my favorite science project of the year,” said Kurt Lukasick, a member of the kodiak bear group. “I like decorating things because I’m used to helping my Dad build stuff at home,” Kurt rushed to add. His turn to present was up next.

“They will be presenting to various audiences for the rest of their lives and this is an important step in breaking the nerves,” Mr. Passamonte said. “They were so into it and so excited. It’s been an amazing year of growth in our classroom.”

Tomorrow, June 18, the same classes will host and proudly present to their parents.