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Tuesday March 15, 2016 at 1:32pm Age: 3 yrs
Category: Minisink Elementary


First grader Colin lost sleep counting the days until his dad, Colin Homan, a science teacher at Temple Hill Academy in Newburgh, would come to his K-1 looping class and show his peers some magic-like science experiments. But his wait was worth it, as Mr. Homan’s visit turned into one colorful and giggly science party, just like Colin dreamt it.  

Sporting protective eyeglasses and a ‘one-size-fits-all-but-Colin’ white gown, young Homan was in charge of handing out glue. This key secret-ingredient was poured into sandwich bags, mixed with water, soap, and food coloring of choice to make fun, malleable goo.

“Who needs blue? Who wants red?” shouted Mr. Miranda, another visiting science teacher and a helper to Mr. Homan.

Many small, nervous hands massaged the contents of their sandwich bags to the optimal consistency, and marveled at their magic putty.

“We’re scientists. I’m going to be one when I grow up,” Zuri said.

Under the theme, “My Family,” which aligns with first grade’s social studies curriculum, this interactive time is an opportunity for parents to talk with their child’s class about their profession. On this particular day, students also learned about engineering design and matter when they built their own flying objects and created ‘gak’ or putty.

“Having the parents come in is a great opportunity for students to share about their family with the class, and for everyone to learn more about the jobs in our community,” said Mrs. Bobish, a first-grade teacher.