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Thursday April 11, 2019 at 11:49am Age: 157 days
Category: Minisink Elementary, Intermediate, District


You never know what learned skills will come in handy when you're out in the world. At annual Scholastic Book Fair organized by Minisink Valley’s PTO, the conversation among students was as much about math as it was about reading: How many books can I buy with the money I have? How much money will I have left if I buy this book instead of the other?

“There are so many good books, I have no idea what to choose,” said fifth grader Ava Downing with her cash in hand. She finally settled on two horror stories.

Fellow fifth grader Katrine Ruger took a more exploratory approach. “I like going around and looking at books in different reading levels. It makes me happy.”

Free to browse along the many bright colored displays in the Intermediate School’s gym C, some students spent time alone with a book, while others discussed favorite reads and made recommendations to each other.

Gavin McGinnis prefered section was quieter than most. “I love history books and I can afford to start a new series, and a new adventure,” Gavin said. He walked away with two books on World War II.

Fifth grader Gregory Gibbs was part of a group that kept returning to the comics section, debating over the choices in the Dog Man series. “I like funny characters and stories,” Gregory said. “We have a mini comics club in Mrs. Marcolina’s class.” 

The Book Fair was offered April 9-11. Today, Thursday, April 11, is the last book-shopping chance for Minisink Valley K-5 students, during during school hours. The fair’s online purchases link will be available through Sunday, April 17.