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Abstracting Color Theory:
Students will view and discuss abstract works of art, focusing on Kandinsky and Mondrian.  There will be a  discussion on arranging a composition and the different principles to consider (emphasis, movement, repetition etc.).  Using a viewfinder, students will select an abstract work of art from a photograph.  Students will enlarge their chosen compositions and create several paintings, both in color and in gray scale as a way to review and enhance skills in color theory and value.

Artist:  Arthur                                         Artist:  Brett                                                                             Artist:  Halley                                         Artist:  Loreita

Artist:  Tira

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The Glass is Half. . .Transparent:
Students will study and render a still life composed of opaque and transparent objects.  They will arrange the objects into an interesting composition on paper and utilize their understanding of value and contour to create the appearance of form while practicing different techniques to achieve transparency.  Students will look at the still life paintings of Janet Fish.

Artist:  Halley                                  Artist:  Tira                                                                  Artist:  Dylan                     Artist:  Halley

Artist:  Arthur                                              Artist:  Brett                                              Artist:  Loreita                                           Artist:  Tira

Value-able Brown Bags

Using different sized paper bags students will arrange and create a compositionally satisfying still life.  With their knowledge of and drawing skills in line control, contour, value and composition students will draw the still life that they created referencing the work of still life artists of the past and the present.

Artist:  Arthur                                          Artist:  Brett                                                                                        Artist:  Loreita

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That Figures!
Students will complete several different figure drawing exercises (gesture, contour, volume) to practice and refresh skills in drawing the figure from life.  Student volunteers will pose in seated, standing and reclining positions while students complete drawings of the poses varying in length.  Using their understanding of the proportions of the figure, students will combine their drawing skills with their creativity to create a fantastical creature in colored pencil.

Artist:  Brett                                                           Artist:  Derrick                                                                Artist:  Halley

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Surreal Illustration :
Students will look at and discuss the artwork of Rene Magritte and Edward Gorey as a basis to create works of art in two different mediums.  They will first create a surreal collage on newsboard.  The collage will then be rendered realistically in pen and ink.  The illusion of form will be created through a variety of drawing techniques such as hatching, crosshatching, stippling, scumbling and the application of washes.

Artist:  Halley                                                                                                    Artist:  Tira                                                            Artist:  Josh

Artist:  Giannina                                                                                              Artist:  Brett

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Compose Yourself:
Students will complete a unit in portraiture.  Students will first draw a realistic self portrait while looking in the mirror, then they will create an expressive self-portrait using any medium of their choice.

Artist:  Crystal                                                              Artist:  Halley                                                                             Artist:  Tira

Artist: Tira (sheet music, acrylic paint & acrylic medium)   Artist:  Dylan (marker, pencil and sharpie)                      Artist:  Halley (colored pencil tips and pencil on cardboard)

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The Scheme of Things:
Students looked at and discussed how artists can use different color schemes within their work.  Students chose any subject matter of interest to them and decided on the color scheme that the subject best lent itself to.  Students then created an acrylic painting on canvas board.

Arthur                                        Artist:  Halley                                      Artist:  Brett                                                                   Artist: Derrick

Artist:  Loreita                                                                                  Artist:  Giannina                                                                         Artist:  Steven

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Hot off the Press:
Students created a work of art based on an article from the newspaper.  Students incorporated the actual newspaper into the artwork in an innovative way.  Students used their knowledge of composition, media exploration, and color and created a narrative work evocative to the viewer.  Their work is a visual representation of the article and not just the facts.

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Animal Scratches:
Since the earliest cave paintings, the depiction of animals has represented spiritual and cultural significance around the world.  Inspired by animal symbolic beliefs, students chose an animal of personal significance and created a detailed scratchboard drawing using the basic elements of line, shape, value and texture.  Students wrote a paper explaining important facts about their animal and also related the animal to themselves.
Artist:  Crystal-"we (myself and the mtn. lion) are both            Artist:  Tira-". . like the mustang, I tend to do whatever I want and   Artist:  Halley
                           aggressive and independent"                                               am never really tamed by anyone."

Artist:  Megan-"they (the Clydesdales) are work horses. . .and I         Artist: Steven-"As a sign, we (Leos) are loyal, energetic and strong-willed. . .a lion is
                          usually work my hardest"                                                                                        the same in that respect."                                             
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Satirical Figure Illustrations:
Inspired by the work of Red Grooms, students selected either themselves, a friend or a celebrity to illustrate in a satirical composition.

Artist:  Arthur  "The father of cubism"                                                  Artist:  Tira  "Eric:  Class Clown"     Artist:  Josh  "The Strong Man"          "NCIS Abby: Cheerful Goth"

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Ringgold's Realtors:
Students will focus on the principles of design as they create cut-paper collages showcasing a place/building that they would most like to own or visit.  A patterned border will enhance their overall design and composition and resemble the artistic style of Faith Ringgold.  

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Figure Drawings:

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