Choice # 1:  Essay on an Art Movement


Research an art movement of your choice using the attached list and write an essay expressing what you have learned.  The essay must be 500 words, about 1 and a half pages, typed and double-spaced. 

Guidelines for Essay:

Research: Use any book, magazine or quality internet source such as from a museum or a college website.  Choose one artist from the movement to gather some extra information on.  Take notes in your sketchbook to help develop your ideas and organize facts. You must list a minimum of 3 sources that you used for your essay, one must be a book.

Writing:  Pretend that your reader has no knowledge of the time period you are writing about.  Use your notes to help you write.  Please write in paragraph form and use complete sentences.  
Paragraph one (introduction of the subject) - Which art movement are you discussing?  What is it about and when and where did it occur? What type of art was created at this time? Why is this movement important?  Etc. 
Paragraph two (content) - What artists were associated with this movement?  Describe what their artwork looked like.  What feelings do you get from their work?  How does their artwork relate to what was happening at that time in history?  Etc. 
Paragraph three (content) - Choose one artist from the art movement to focus a paragraph on.  How did their work effect the art movement?  What did their art look like?  What colors, materials, and techniques did they use? How was it made?  Etc.
Paragraph four (conclusion) - What is your opinion of this art movement?  Do you like it or not and why?  How did this art movement influence society, history, or art?

Your grade will be based on the following for a total of 100 points:           

-Is the essay complete? (5 points)

            -Did you clearly explain the art movement you are writing about? (15 points)

-Did you clearly explain which artists were a part of the movement and what their art looks like? (15 points)

-Did you relate the artwork to what was happening in history at the time? (15 points)

- Did you clearly explain how your artist affected the movement? (15 points)

- Did you clearly explain what their art looked like and how it was made? (15 points)

-Is your conclusion clear and is your opinion backed up? (15 points)

-Did you list the sources you used and was one a book? (5 points)

Art Movement List




American Realism





Abstract Expressionism

Color Field Painting

Pop Art

Op Art

Earth Art


Photo Realism