MIDTERM AGENDA                 

Choice # 3:  Stylized Small Object Drawing


Choose a small object like a car key or a bottle of nail polish etc.  Divide a sheet of paper into six equal sections and draw the object in 6 different styles (1 in each section):

1.  contour line (using a continuous line to capture the overall shape or outline of the object)

2.   realistic (drawing the object as it appears complete with value and all detail)

3.   abstract (not realistic but stylized, simplified and distorted)

4.    fragmented (broken up into its basic shapes or into many different pieces)

5.    positive-negative space (use black and white )

6.   Fantasy (use your imagination and do with this as you will!)


Your grade will be based on the following for a total of 100 points:

-Are all 6 drawings completed? (5 points)

            -Did you understand the concept of contour? (15 points)

-Did you realistically render your object capturing a wide range of value? (15 points)

-Were you successful in abstracting your object? (15 points)

-Were you successful in fragmenting your object? (15 points)

-Did you understand the concept of positive/negative space? (15 points)

-Were you creative in your fantasy drawing? (15 points)

-Does your completed drawing show evidence of time, care and effort? (5 points)