Choice # 4:  Reproduction of Art and Style


Look at works of art on the internet, books, magazines, posters etc.  Select a work of art from an artist that interests you and have your choice approved by your teacher before you begin working. Teacher approval is necessary as all choices will vary in degrees of difficulty and time required:

Title of work chosen_____________________________________


            Teacher approval _______________________________________

Using the approved work of art:

 Reproduce the work of art as accurately as possible


        Create your own version of the work of art emulating the artistic style (keep in mind:  subject matter, color choices, use of texture, value, composition etc.)

Your art work can be completed using any of the following materials: 
pencil, oil pastel, chalk pastels, charcoal, pen and ink, collage, watercolor paint


Your grade will be based on the following for a total of 100 points:

            -Is your work of art complete? (10 points)

            -Did you have your choice approved prior to beginning work? (5 points)

            -Does your work portray evidence of time, care and effort? (15 points)

            -Does your composition show a relationship to the original work? (20 points)

-Does your composition show an understanding of the elements and principles of design? (15 points)

-Drawing/painting techniques reflect the style of original artist through use of color and brush strokes or texture (20 points)

-Were you successful with the medium (materials) that you chose to work with:

Did you experiment with different techniques?  Did you work neatly? (15 points)