Choice # 5:  Metamorphosis Drawing


  1. Choose two everyday objects that have little or no relation to one another; for example an apple and a shoe. 
  2. Create a series of 6 drawings, gradually changing one object into the other object.  For example:  drawing 1 is of the apple, drawing 2 may be of the apple with shoelaces growing out of the top and drawing 3 the apple may begin to elongate into a shoe-like shape etc. 
  3. Rough drawings will be done in sketchbook. Final drawings will be done on a large sheet of paper.


- pencil             -oil pastel                     -markers                     
-charcoal          -pen and ink                 -colored pencils

Draw the object in 6 different stages of metamorphosis:

1. A realistic drawing the first object as it appears complete with all value and detail.

2. The first object, well drawn but slightly distorted, taking on 1 characteristic of the second object

3. The first object, well drawn but even more distorted, taking on 2 characteristics of the second object

4. The object, well drawn but distorted, looking even more like the second object

5. The object, well drawn and mostly resembling the second object, with only 1 characteristic of the first object.

6. A realistic drawing the second object as it appears complete all value and detail.


Your grade will be based on the following for a total of 100 points:

-Are all 6 drawings completed? (5 points)

            -Did you understand the concept of Metamorphosis? (15 points)

-Did you realistically render your objects capturing a wide range of value? (15 points)

-Were you successful in distorting your object? (15 points)

-Does the Metamorphosis occur smoothly from one drawing to another? (15 points)

-Did you create rough drawings to plan out the Metamorphosis? (15 points)

-Were you creative in your choosing of objects and incorporating their physical characteristics into each distorted drawing? (15 points)

-Does your completed drawing show evidence of time, care and effort? (5 points)