Choice # 6:  Music Lovers, Sing me a Song!


Choose one of the following artistic periods

-Prehistoric (cave art)


-Greeks and Romans





Research and gather important facts about the period that you selected.  Some things to consider may include:
Dates that the period lasted, descriptions of the art work produced, artist’s names that created during the period, historical events happening at the time, location etc.

Then, write a song about your selected period with the intention to teach others.

Your song may be an original or you may change the words to an existing song.  Your song will either need to be taped and submitted as a CD or performed live.  You may enlist the help of your friends for your performance.  It’s all up to you.  Have fun and be creative, this is your chance to be a star!  


Your grade will be based on the following for a total of 100 points:

-Song is complete and either performed live or put on a CD (10)

-Song consists of at least 2 verses and 1 chorus (10)

-Song accurately explains at least 6 important aspects of the time period (30)

-Song is creative and portrays evidence of time, care and effort (25)

-Lyrics are submitted along with CD or at the time of the performance (10)

-Performance of the song is clear, easy to follow and informational (15)