ART 2 Homework

    • Your sketchbook assignments should be completed as assigned, so that you are continually developing your drawing skills throughout the course of the year
    • Select any of the choices on your label sheet to complete on one of your altered sketchbook pages.  Adhere the sticker to the back of your drawing when completed.  
    • Have fun with each assignment!  Experiment with different materials, drawing or painting styles and be creative in your approach!
    • Your grade will be determined by your overall craftsmanship and an evidence of effort and time spent

DUE Friday 10/30-    Sketchbook Assignment #3

DUE Friday 10/9-   
Sketchbook Assignment #2

DUE Friday 9/28-
   Sketchbook Assignment #1

DUE Tuesday 9/8-   
Signed sheet and pencils