Midterm Agenda


In lieu of a midterm exam, you will have a midterm agenda.  You must choose 2 assignments, from the six described below, to complete and submit by _January 22, 2009.  These assignments will progress throughout the first two marking periods.  They may be worked on during class when class work is completed, otherwise they must be worked on in your own time.

Complete project descriptions and grading guidelines for each choice are available and necessary to the success of your projects.  Make sure to get the handouts necessary for your specific selections.


Select 2 from the following list.  Once you have made your decisions, ask for the handouts that correspond to your particular choices:

Choice 1:  ESSAY

Research an art movement of your choice and write an essay expressing what you have learned.    

Choice 2:  POSTER

Research an artist of your choice and create a poster expressing what you have learned. 

Choice 3:  DRAWING

Choose a small object like a car key or a bottle of nail polish etc.  Draw the object in 6 different styles:  contour, realistic, abstract, fragmented, positive-negative space, and fantasy.


Look at works of art, select a work of art from an artist that interests you.  Reproduce the work of art as accurately as possible OR create your own version of the work, emulating the artistic style.


Choose two everyday objects that have little or no relation to one another; for example an apple and a shoe.  Create a series of 6 drawings, gradually changing one object into the other object.

Choice 6:  SONG

Write a song that will teach others about a specific period in art history.  This song can be performed with the help of others, live or on tape!