A first passport to the world: Minisink Valley kindergarteners ‘visit’ seven countries as part of a special ‘Holidays Around the World’cultural awareness day

three student holding faux passportsBienvenido a Mexico!

Bhaarat mein aapaka svaagat hai!

Willkommen in Deutschland!

Welcome to Australia!

students playing with dredels!ברוך הבא לישראל

Benvenuto in Italia!

Huānyíng lái dào zhōngguó!

Minisink Valley Elementary School kindergarteners took part in a special”Holidays Around the World” cultural awareness day today, Dec. 19, learning about seven countries and some of their customs.

Students dancing to Chinese lion danceWith passports in hand, students “visited” Mexico, India, Germany, Australia, Israel, Italy and China.  Upon arrival at each country, their passports were stamped, they learned about several special customs and even took part in some special cultural dances.

The kindergarten faculty designed “the trips” as a way to continue to reinforce the importance of positive cultural awareness and to show no matter how different people and cultures may be, there are also so many common elements to bond everyone together.

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