A milestone! As production continues, technology teachers produce the 2,000th face shield to be donated to COVID-19 front line workers

face shield productionToday, April 24, Minisink Valley’s technology teachers made their 2,000th face shield using the district’s 3D printers, which they and the district are donating to COVID-19 front line workers.

This face shield production milestone is due to the community’s support of the volunteer work of teachers Rich Budd, Jonathan Clemmons and Chistopher Tuthill.

Their efforts are making a very small — but critical— dent in the void local front line workers are experiencing by not having enough face shields and masks as protective wear during the COVID-19 outbreak.

face shieldThe face shield is completed when the headbands are paired with three-holed transparency paper used with overhead projectors. It’s a unique blend of old school teaching methods with new technology.

Depending on the user’s preference, the face shields can be cleaned and sterilized for multiple use. But most importantly, are being distributed for free. The teachers have assured recipients that every face shield has been sterilized and is securely packaged.

Each face shield headband takes between 45 and 90 minutes to print. The 15 classroom and two industrial printers can make 13 to 15 an hour, or an average of 90 a day.  They’ve been going non-stop since production started.

With the district’s blessing, those interested in donating funds to help them get more headband materials should email to: ctuthill@minisink.com

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