‘Bb’ words help kindergarteners learn about Black History Month and brainstorming STEM work

‘Bb’ is a great letter, just ask kindergarteners!

student with paper chainsA group of Minisink Valley kindergarten teachers took their students’ newfound knowledge about the letter ‘Bb’ and applied it to their Black (‘Bb’ word) History Month studies by learning about former President Barack (‘Bb’ word) Obama.

During their lessons, students learned about President Obama’s accomplishments and responsibilities, including that he is a big (‘Bb’ word) supporter of education, particularly STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education.

student with paper chainThey watched a video of President Obama, with Girl Scout “Super Girls” who attended the White House’s 2015 Science Fair, where the topic of brainstorming (‘Bb’ word) was also discussed.

Students were then assigned a STEM challenge: Use one 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper to create a paper chain. They were asked: How many links can you make with just this one sheet? Their answers varied.

With the district’s  recent snow/Remote Wednesday days, brainstorming sessions were held where students talked about the best (‘Bb’ word) to learn) way to optimize the length of their chains. Should they cut their paper vertically or horizontally? They used their brains (‘Bb’ word) to figure it out!

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